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Must haves for your First Aid kit

Let’s talk first aid kits! An essential item every household should have, especially if you have little ones because we all know how accident prone they can be! Having a well-stocked and organised first aid kit is important so you can be prepared if any wee accidents happen.


Firstly, as well as having a decent sized first aid kit in your home, it is handy to have one in your car. As a Mum of two Boys, I have also found it particularly useful to store some items in my handbag.

A first aid kit should be kept in a cool, dry place which is easily accessible. Medication should ideally be stored separately from your kit out of reach of little ones. My Children are a bit older now so education is key – ensure they know where the first aid kit lives and what each item should be used for. Of course, you should know this too, so familiarise yourself with its contents (most first aid kits come with a handy instruction leaflet for this purpose). Furthermore, consider adding a list of useful contact numbers in your kit for those older children, should an Adult not be around.

Monthly checks

I appreciate life gets busy and monthly checks might seem unrealistic, but it is important to ensure kit contents are in date, and of course replace items once used. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need an item, and you don’t have it!

Essential items for a first aid kit

  • ·A selection of plasters – waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and themed plasters (kids love those) Ensure you have a variety of sizes too.

  • Wound dressings – different sizes.

  • Bandages

i) Bandage with pad for wounds

ii) Crepe bandage, which are useful for supporting a sprained ankle or wrist

iii) Triangular bandage for those broken bones

iv) Finger dressing.

  • Gauze – for wound cleaning

  • Instant ice pack – for bumps and bruises

  • Saline solution – for cleaning wounds and eye wash

  • Scissors – for cutting dressings. Tuff cut scissors are great for cutting clothing

  • Micropore tape – for securing a dressing or bandage

  • Tweezers – for those pesky splinters!

  • Disposable gloves – for keeping you and them safe

  • Sterile (alcohol free) wipes – for cleaning wounds

  • Foil blanket – to keep a person warm

  • Thermometer – keep an eye on their temperature

  • Stickers – most kids love a bravery sticker!

Which first aid kit?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many – whether you buy online, at a pharmacy or supermarket, most are pretty standard, but you can use the above checklist as a guide. Of course, you can add things yourself that you think might be useful. Happy shopping!

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